life experiences

Hi out a horticulturlist….plant, lawn and general garden doctor you might say… I can help with any problems you may have regarding anything to do with the garden…..home educated my daughter for 2 years when she was 11 and 12…great experience for both of us and she learnt so quickly…..doing high school math all over again was a little taunting…would love to share with anyone how i did it….

I have experienced many things in my life from helping with the birth of foals, calves, lambs, puppies even chickens raised quite a few under a light globe to killing our own meat [was no local shopping centre]. have experienced near death or out of body…now that was scary but amazing, astro travelled once while meditating again amazing experience. Always had an affinity with nature hence my passion for plants and landscaping, awareness started at the age of 6, a clearing in the bush about 1km up a hill from my home with abundant wild flowers and overhanging trees was my oasis i would go there every chance i got.


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