planting seeds.. how deep?

 the biggest reasons seeds fail to germinate is usually they are planted to deep or the seed isnt moist enough. Basis rules for seed sowing is the size of the seed is how deep you sow it, for instance carrots, tomatoes, many herbs are very small seed so to prepare the ground fertilize [ except carrots] rough surface with a rake and sprinkle seed over soil then use the back of the rake to firm soil. By doing this the seed isnt buried to deep it is after all an embryo inside. Peas or beans can be presoaked in hot not boiling water to speed up germination and again planted the same depth as their size. Never fertilize carrots as you will end up with very distorted alien looking mutants which are still edible but very hard to peel with so many bits…


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Im about to turn 50...dont feel it, am a landscaper and garden doctor to the locals. work hard, stay fit...always looking for ways to improv
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