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weight loss is difficult when food not only tastes good but we eat to cover other issues, usually emotional or lack of self confidence. I spent the first 30 years of my life fighting obesity, on the weight gain & loss rollercoaster, the lure of my favourite foods which was just about everything, especially chocolate, icecream and cakes was my downfall, I realised after quite some time that I needed incentive and a watchdog in other words someone to be there for support and keep me going. Having babies was the worst for weight gain because i used my pregnancy as an excuse to eat, baby no 1 was born and an extra 22kgs was left behind and I became an ozzie size 14…I was horrified and turned to the baggy clothes to hide my bulges…didnt work, I was still ridiculed by others for my size became embarrassed to eat in public or felt guilty knowing what those around me were thinking. I was a new mum and miserable so with the help of a friend who also wanted to lose weight we started our mission to remove the excess. We had accupuncture once a week and stuck to a very strict diet of calorie counting with an allowance of 700 calories a day. Somehow i managed to get into a routine and succeeded, I lost the 22kgs which is about 48 pounds. For the first time I found out what it was like to be whistled at or complimented for the way I looked, needless to say I liked my new look…A LOT..!!…but over the next couple of years i gained back half of that weight became pregnant again and off into the land of eat everything in sight…well baby comes along and left behind 33kgs if that wasnt bad enough the relief doctors first words to me were…Gee your very obese arent you…self image just crashed and burned as my thighs rolled past each other with every step, jump in size to an 18. I was promptly sent to a dietician with no success at all but I attented the appointments every month for nearly a year. My younger sister wanted to start going to an aerobics class and talked me into going with her. So of we went to do our first 1 hour class, I struggled under the burden of those extra kilos but made it to the end of the class. The next morning I felt like I had been hit by a truck, every inch of my body hurt. I kept going to the classes reluctantly at first but then after 6 weeks I was not only feeling energetic, i was getting muscle tone and losing inches. Within 3 months i was attending 5 classes a week and feeling more alive than ever. I became an exercise junkie and ended up losing 35kgs or around 77pounds…which is huge as I am only 5’4″ tall. My size 18 turned into a oz size 8 which I believe is US size 4. I have managed to keep it of and stay fit and at the age of 50 I still get called sexy….works for me.


About givittomestraight

Im about to turn 50...dont feel it, am a landscaper and garden doctor to the locals. work hard, stay fit...always looking for ways to improv
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