what education?

Obviously at my age nearly 50 my schooling was very different to todays technology schooling were some gadgit gets the answers for you, click a button and there you have it. There was no technology when i went to school so we did everything the hard way with our brains and a piece of paper and a pen…no calculaters or computers they didnt really exist back then showing my age now. I noticed changes and lack of scholastic skills firstly with my younger sister who is now 42,, yeah and it has become worse. Ask younger generations how to spell something or add and subtract they instantly turn to an electronic device. We are turning out illiterate young adults and have been for over 20 years, that scares me into wondering what happens if it continues and even worse what if technology shut down and our only resource was ourselves. Its a scenario that may never happen BUT what if it did what then?


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Im about to turn 50...dont feel it, am a landscaper and garden doctor to the locals. work hard, stay fit...always looking for ways to improv
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  1. dolphin says:

    It’s certainly worth looking into and has caught the attention of scientists who are now beginning to study the effects of such gadgetry. What interesting is that they’re discovering that the brain (itself a computer that, despite it’s immense power, has a finite number of resources), once freed of the responsibility of the more menial tasks that many of us rely on some time of electronic computer to do for us (basic arithmetic, remember phone numbers & addresses, etc.), is able to devote an increasing amount of power towards other ventures.

    Which is not really surprising when one looks back over human evolution. Human evolution has largely been the product of creating and relying on tools to allow ourselves to focus on that which will become the next step in our evolution. Indeed if technology suddenly collapsed, we’d be in big trouble, but such is the case for any species in the event of a major and sudden environmental change (and technology is very much a part of our current environment). But while it’s worth considering what might happen in the event of some catastrophic shift that may or may not happen, it’s also worth noting that we KNOW that our environment will continue shift in more gradual ways and ask ourselves if we can really afford NOT to continue to grow and evolve with it (and what happens if we don’t).

    • Hi Dolphin, just been reading some of your blog site[ if thats what we call it] im new to this and still making heaps of mistakes when it comes to blogging and computers in general. Firstly I applaud you for your honesty and the fact that your gay should never be an issue. I see people for who they are Not a sexual preference, I dont believe anyone should be judged for that, I have many gay friends and i find they seem to be more intune to emotions and feelings than the average hetorosexual. I have 2 small dogs whom I adore and I seem to have a natural afinity with most animals and nature hence my job. Currently im doing a job for 2 ladies, I was stunned when they told me how many people wont do work for them because they are together….Im a firm believer in treating others the way i would like to be treated.
      Im a horticulturlist and landscaper …love my job and helping others.
      Thankyou for replying to my blog, hope to hear from you again. cheers

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