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My daughters word recognition and spelling at the age of 7 were non existant, she had no idea plus having ross river virus at the same time meant she was unable to go to school so I starting saving cereal boxes, cut them up into into strips about 20cm x10cm and with a black felt pen I wrote all the words for her age group ending up with over 2 hundred word cards. Next I made it into a game with a small treat system to encourage her enthusiasum. I started with the most basic of the words to build up her skills then progressed to harder words. When we started she could barely recognise a few words, within 8 weeks she not only looked forward to the word cards but she was confident and able to recognise all words and spell them fluently. She loved the game. She went from the bottom of her class at school to the top…so easy and fun to do also builds the bond…one on one time.


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Im about to turn 50...dont feel it, am a landscaper and garden doctor to the locals. work hard, stay fit...always looking for ways to improv
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