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Over the years i have seen many people struggle to keep garden plants and lawns alive, not knowing the cause or how to fix it.The first and most important factor is soil type and climate, for example if your soil is sandy chances are it wont hold water successfully hence dead plants…Different soil types have different ph levels [alkaline or acidic] most plants require there ph to be between 6.5 and 7 in sandy soils this can be a 7.5 and over whereas loams tend to sit at ph level 5.5 to 6, clay tends to be lower. sandy soils dont have much nutrient base or organic  material in them, loams and clay tend to be very high in nutrient levels but are very heavy and sticky and dont release moisture well. So how do we fix this…quite simple sandy soils need organic material added to them soil conditioners are best and fastest to work, heavy soils like loam and clay need to be opened up, we do this by adding porus products like potting mix, course sand mulching straw, animal manures etc. Temperature also can do serious damage to greenlife, one frost is capable of turning your garden to black mush in one day if the wrong plants are used, they will also get sun burnt if its to hot. By understanding plant needs which are very much like humans we can keep them healthy….I am happy to share my vast knowledge on this subject….keep watch for more tips or have your garden questions answered


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Im about to turn 50...dont feel it, am a landscaper and garden doctor to the locals. work hard, stay fit...always looking for ways to improv
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  1. Im a beginner….lol…when it comes to blogs. Could answer any question you may have about gardening though…..

  2. Mrs Twiddle says:

    Keep playing with it, you’ll soon get the hang of it! Tags are words that describe what the post is about. For example this post ‘Hello World’ is tagged with ‘pruning roses in July is a thing of the past’ which isn’t what you meant (or at least Ii think it isn’t what you meant!)

    If I were you I’d delete this whole post. Check out the help button on your dashboard, it takes you to WordPress central where you can look for answers to any questions you may have.

  3. Mrs Twiddle says:

    You’re not a pain! We all have to start somewhere 🙂 You’re hitting the ‘help’ tab on your dashboard under where it says log out? To the right of where it says Howdy?

    No idea why that isn’t working. It should just give you a few categories of help topics at the top of the page. It isn’t a separate pop-up window.

    Try looking at

    I haven’t checked it out myself but it looks like a bunch of video clips on how to get started.

  4. Mrs Twiddle says:

    Just dropped you an email 🙂

    • thankyou again i appreciate the help. I see on your blog a 21st wedding and birthday celebration… regards for both…..any more thought to your garden? would like to help if i can

  5. Mrs Twiddle says:

    I’m still thinking about it, if I take away more lawn I get more weeding 🙂

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