mental math skills

one way I helped my children to improve math skills while shopping…good way to learn and bond with your kids.


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Im about to turn 50...dont feel it, am a landscaper and garden doctor to the locals. work hard, stay fit...always looking for ways to improv
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One Response to mental math skills

  1. if your at all concerned about your childs math skills and as a mother of 2 adult children, nieces and friends children over the years i have noticed that our children are becoming more and more illiterate as the years go by….take technology away from them and see how fast they fall……they are our future…math is one of the most important things to conquer if they have any chance at all of succeeding as adults. I came up with a game while home educating my son and daughter which i did you 2 years. they had fun and so did I……wanna know how?

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